Due to the prevailing situation in the country, we would like to inform you that the deadlines for all warranty inspections have been extended by 3 months.

We give a 24-month warranty on all Kross bikes!

Company - KROSS S.A. grants a quality guarantee for a purchased bike for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The condition of the Guarantee is paid inspections: the first one between 30 and 60 days from the date of purchase (for bicycles purchased in the months from November to the end of January, the inspection may be carried out by 31 March at the latest), periodic inspection between 12 and 13 a month from the date of purchase and inspection after every three years of bicycle use to maintain the Lifetime Warranty on the frame. The inspection can be performed at Authorized Service Centers or Kross sales points.

The condition of the Warranty's validity is having a proof of purchase and Warranty Statement or a guarantee account on the platform, established in accordance with the regulations of this platform.The warranty in no way excludes or limits the customer's rights under the warranty. Detailed information on the warranty can be found in the download 'Warranty Terms' at the bottom of the page.We would like to remind you that the condition for the duration of the warranty (including a lifetime or 5-year warranty on the frame) and for maintaining the efficiency of the bicycle is to perform a regulatory review after one month of use, after one year, and then after every three years of using the bike. The inspection can be carried out at the seller or at one of Kross Authorized Service Centers.

As part of the first review, the following actions should be carried out:

  • drive system 
  • adjustmentstightening bolts and nutschecking and adjusting 
  • the clearance of bearing partschecking 
  • the spoke tensioncontrol of the crank mechanism and drive system componentschecking 
  • the wheel attachment conditionchecking 
  • the condition of the tiresbrake condition check and adjustmentchecking 
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of other bicycle components

As part of the inspection after a year of use and subsequent, together with the above activities should be checked the degree of wear:

  • chainbrake pads,
  • brake discs,
  • gear wheels
  • tires.

In the case of components such as shock absorbers, dampers and seat posts, the owner is obliged to perform independent inspections in accordance with the service intervals specified by the manufacturer of the component:

  • Suntour forks: every 100 hours of driving or once a year: full shock absorber service with oil / grease and sealant replacement
  • FOX components: every 125 hours of driving time or once a year: full service (internal and external control), oil and gasket replacement
  • SRAM components: intervals and service activities depend on the driving time and component model.

Components should be serviced at a frequency and to the extent specified in the bicycle's instruction manual.