LE GRAND is a beautiful, modern and functional urban bikes.

To meet the needs of cyclists, KROSS has developed a line of city bicycles. In 2016, we decided to highlight the unique features of those bicycles and started selling them under a separate brand – LE GRAND.

LE GRAND is a beautiful, modern and functional urban bike designed with its users in mind, who ride through the city jungle during the week, but also enjoy weekend getaways with their friends. There is a little something for everyone: beautiful retro-style Dutch bicycles with timeless design for ladies, and elegant, as well as practical bicycles for any use for male cyclists. And let's not forget about the kids, who can choose their very first and unforgettable two-wheeled vehicles from this line.


City Bicycles

The experience and expertise of the KROSS brand allowed us to align LE GRAND bicycles with the needs of city dwellers. Whether you are frantically trying to get to work on time or just cruising the streets to meet up with your friends, our bicycles will take you wherever you fancy, comfortably, and in style.

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On top of that, if you wanted to express your unique style, LE GRAND offers a range of dedicated accessories, including practical and functional carrier racks, baskets, designer accessories and cycling outfits, as well as accessories that improve safety on busy city streets.

Accessories LE GRAND

Our LE GRAND offer features these lines:

Electric, Utility, Junior, Originals, Kids. But which one should you go for? These are some helpful hints:



fast & comfortable. The Utility series was developed with urban functionality in mind. Lightweight construction makes them perfect as well as fast, comfortable and stylish transport in the city. Carrier integrated with the frame allows to carry all that must-have items a city dweller can't live without.

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youthful & convenient. As stylish as their 'adult' counterparts, will make any fashion-conscious girl and trendy boy proud.

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cool & pretty. The Kids series is intended for the youngest bikers. Now even the youngest kids can ride nice and cool retro-style bikes.

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