Revo Virtual Suspension

Our original solution based on a virtual pivot point. As the rear wheel moves, the pivot point of the suspension changes its location, which allows it to work independently from drive and brake forces. As a result, RVS eliminates the rocking motion while pedalling and maintains the sensitivity of the suspension regardless of its position, which allows for a perfect grip.



Efficient Single Pivot Suspension

is a state-of-the-art suspension based on a single pivot point. ESPS remains neutral while pedalling, countering the uneven pressure applied to pedals. Its construction allows you to use the traction of your bike with full suspension, without losing the effectiveness while climbing or acceleration.



Steps Trekking

is a complete electric system intended for leisure city and trekking bike rides. It will ensure you get to your destination relaxed, no matter if you ride through the city jungle or quiet countryside.

System components:
Central Drive Unit DU- E6001, Battery BT-E6000,
Crank arm set FC-E6000,
Cycle computer SC-E6010, Switch Unit SW-E6000

Frame Technologies

T-head Tube

Conical frame head with variable cross-sections from 1 1/8” at the top to 1.5” at the bottom. A larger diameter at the bottom makes it more robust and stiffer, which results in a more precise steering.

Hydro- F Tube

Tubes are shaped by pressurised liquid injection. This technology allows us to manufacture lighter frames of higher durability and workmanship precision. .

Press Fit

Bearings sit inside the cups, which increases the effectiveness of pedalling, makes them more resistant to wear and ensures a better transfer of the driving force to the wheel.

T-head Tube

Conical frame head with variable cross-section from 1 1/8 "at the top to 1.5" at the bottom. The larger diameter at the bottom gives greater strength and rigidity, which translates into precision in control

Post Mount

Braking precision is improved due the elimination of unnecessary adapters, which makes the connection between the frame and the clamp stiffer. Better heat dissipation prolongs the useful life of the brake and improves its effectiveness.

Inner Cable Routing

Inner cable routing improves the useful life of cables and shells, protecting them from mud, dirt and rain.

T-seat Tube

A wider seat tube allows to increase the bottom bracket stiffness.


D84 Carbon SL

D84 Carbon SL is an ultra-lightweight compound that consists of two types of carbon material, T800S and M40J, combined with nanoalloy resin. Frames made of this material are exceptionally rigid, while at the same time, they absorb vibrations perfectly. Extremely light weight and race grade durability for the most demanding user.

T784 Carbon

T784 Carbon is a combination of three types of carbon material: T700, T800S and M40J, and the best conventional resin. Frames made of this material are very durable and rigid.

Aluminium Superlite

Heat treatment makes this alloy particularly stiff and stress-resistant, while it is still very lightweight. For higher effectiveness, the frame is triple butted in areas placed under the least stress and reinforced in the critical points.

Aluminium Lite

An enhanced version of the aluminium 6061 alloy, it is a perfect compromise between high stiffness and low weight. Very resistant to external conditions, breakages, and impacts.

Aluminium Performance

he Aluminium Performance 6061 alloy makes the frame stiff and resistant to breakages, while retaining the lightweight characteristic typical for aluminium.