Ebike Kross electric bicycles


Our electric-assist bikes offer completely new possibilities for users. Thanks to combining KROSS bikes with top quality components provided by Shimano and Bafang, cyclists can go farther, faster, and more efficiently!

KROSS electric bikes are unique because of the possibilities they offer. When riding an electric bike, no uphill climb is too steep; the wind seems to blow lighter and a long route seems much shorter than it is. When creating KROSS bikes, we have not forgotten about our mission and vision.

A long ride without effort? Turn on your bike.

All the added value of electric-assist is based on the comfort and quality of our bikes. With the cycling DNA in mind, you still have to pedal. But now, thanks to several assistance modes, it is much easier and more enjoyable.


Wide offer

We offer both fast sports models and comfortable trekking bikes you can use to cycle the streets or on forest paths. Thanks to this, you can boost your training bringing it to a higher level. When commuting to work or going to meet your friends, you will no longer arrive sweaty.


Full control

Regardless of why you get on your bike, you decide how much assistance you need. All the information is on the handlebars display, which is easy to reach and see. The user can control the speed, electric-assist level, distance and battery level. We also made sure you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get home when the battery starts going flat. You can turn off the electric-assist and keep riding or stop for a coffee with your friends and charge the battery using a regular socket.


Want to always arrive on time? Turn your bike on.

The electric-assist bike makes it possible for you to get to your favourite tracks faster and have fun longer. With KROSS electric bikes, you will have a whole lot of fun. Check what they can do – of KROSS you can!

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Hill ahead? Turn your bike on.

Riding a mountain bike has never been so exciting. With electric-assist, you can go farther and discover more than ever before. High motor power and a long range guarantee great fun on the trail. Turn your bike on – of KROSS you can!

Enjoy the open space by driving silently through the city or take a long trip. Turn your bike on
– of KROSS you can!

Ride up to 100 km with a fully charged battery

With electric-assist, you can go even farther and discover more than ever before.

Quick charge mode

A powerful charger allows you to enjoy the ride even longer and short battery charging time (2.5hrs*) makes it possible for you to get back on the road faster to fully enjoy your electric bike.

* Quick charge time is about 2.5 hrs to reach 80% of the total capacity and about 4 hrs to teach 100% of the total capacity. Applies to 500Wh batteries.

3 assistance modes

Electric bikes have different modes of operation and you decide on the level of assistance you need. When you exceed the maximum speed of 25 km/h or switch off the electric-assist, your e-bike is no longer assisted by a motor and operates like a regular bike.