As one of the few companies in Europe, we have our own carbon factory.

Thus, bikes manufactured in our KROSS factory in Przasnysz are constantly tested and modified to ensure the highest quality.

Thanks to our own factory, we can carry out thorough tests and make necessary changes without having to wait for samples to be delivered from a third party factory. All designs undergo detailed testing and analysis at our laboratory.

For us at KROSS, opening our own carbon factory was a natural step in our efforts to manufacture the highest quality bikes. Thanks to intensive work and great commitment, we have obtained funding from the European Regional Development Fund. KROSS RAICING TEAM. By combining our knowledge and experience with the empirical experiences of our players, we could believe that we will succeed.

As a result of many trials, tests and consultations, we have created a bike on which Maja Włoszczowska won the medal of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. We want to share the success we have achieved with the users of our bikes. That is why the solutions developed while creating the bicycle for Maja Włoszczowska have also been transferred to other bikes from our offer - Level 10.0 and Level 11.0.

There are still many peaks ahead of us. We are currently developing our bikes, introducing new solutions to them. We are working on another bike that will help our competitors fight at the next Olympic Games. Get to know us:


What exactly is this carbon?

Carbon or carbon fiber is a composite that is a combination of two or more materials that have different properties before consolidation. As part of the KROSS bicycles, there is a fibrous composite in a polymer matrix. Thanks to the use of this innovative technology, our KROSS frames have gained lower weight while increasing their strength. Thanks to composite frames, we have also gained greater possibilities in designing frame shapes.

Stages of production

composite frame

To preserve the properties, the material is stored at -19 degrees, then it is thawed, and a special machine cuts it into appropriate elements.
The fragments that make up the entire bicycle frame are arranged in special forms.
The frame parts are put into a mold and then hardened
The frame is glued, sanded and prepared for painting.

Project details

Priority axis I Utilization of activities
research and development in the economy
Activity 1.2 activity
research and development of enterprises
The total value of the project:: 4 588 871,25 zł
Eligible expenses: 4 033 396,70 zł
Co-financing amount: 1 715 125,84 zł
Development of an innovative pilot line for the production of bicycle frames based on carbon fiber "co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Masovian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020.

The design intention was to conduct industrial research and development work to create our own innovative technology for the production of bicycle frames based on carbon fiber. The result was an original way of using carbon fibers in bicycle frames and two new products: a composite bicycle frame and a bicycle with a composite frame.