Our vision is who we are.

KROSS is a fascinating story of a business and its visionary founder, Zbigniew Sosnowski, who decided to share his love for bikes with Polish people as many as 30 years ago.

Not every business in the 1990’s was bound to succeed. Zbigniew decided to try his luck and opened a bicycle outlet in Przasnysz. He realised bicycle was to become an inseparable part of Polish people's everyday lives in the years to come. Years of hard work and a firm belief that everyone can become a cyclist have turned Kross from a small bicycle outlet into a leading two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer in Europe.


A closer look at the company's history reveals that it experienced a particularly dynamic growth in 2000, when a modern manufacturing plant was built in Przasnysz. The plant included state-of-the-art IT solutions for the optimal management of assembly and storage of bicycles. That investment allowed us to consolidate the production process in Poland and resulted in a dynamic growth of our business.

New quality, designs, frames and components let Kross compete with technologically advanced and popular bicycle brands worldwide.

However, Zbigniew never wanted to become just another bicycle manufacturer. At the beginning of the new millennium, the wide range of bicycles was slowly expanded by adding refined models of performance bikes. With time, the PRO range of mountain, cross and road bikes was developed.

KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team

Yet, to manufacture the most technologically advanced bikes, you need knowledge and experience. Following the example of car manufacturers, who improve their technologies while developing Formula 1 racing cars, in 2006 we founded a professional Team, now known as KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team (KOCT). As the years gone by the Team has been evolving, developing its best skills, to finally become one of the most professional MTB Teams that in the end of season 2020 reached the second position in prestigious UCI ranking. Nowadays the team, is a valuable source of new technologies and solutions for KROSS. Today, KOCT consists of the best cyclists: Olympic medal winner Maja Włoszczowska, World and European Champions: Ondrej Cink and Bartłomiej Wawak.



From the very beginning, Kross has been striving to be the first and the best. Kross has always wanted to provide people with the best bikes both for everyday cycling and professional sports. Light weight and durability are the key characteristics of modern bikes. The expertise gained at professional MTB events as well as the contribution from our riders and engineers helped us create new ultra-light professional bikes. As a result, in 2017 we built the first and only carbon frame production line in Poland. The carbon frames are now the backbone of our racing editions and the base for our widely available PRO line Kross models. Our technology makes KROSS one of the few European carbon frame manufacturers.



Year 2017 marked breakthrough for our company. Apart from the beginning of the production of carbon frames, we also acquired a Dutch e-bike manufacturer, Multicycle. Consequently, we also gained the expertise and know-how of e-bike manufacturing and strengthened our position on the Dutch market. Today Kross is the first-choice brand for e-bikes (electric or hybrid bicycles). We are constantly adding electric models to each of our categories, offering solutions such as batteries integrated in the frame combined with the reliable Shimano and Bafang engines.


ECO Stories

Our 'Eco Stories' philosophy focuses on promoting zero-emission daily commuting. You can choose from a full range of e-bikes – from the MTB Level Boost series to the more functional and trekking Hexagon Boost or Trans Hybrid bikes. They will reliably take you to work or to meet your friends, as well as enable you to conquer those hard-to-reach mountain paths. With 'Eco Stories', we always start from ourselves by making our manufacturing plant compliant with the applicable standards, reducing our environmental footprint, improving waste management every day, and reducing our paint shop emissions.

You can also join the Kross team !

Our passion to overcome more and more challenges in the world of cycling has attracted new Kross bicycle lovers for many years. Their trust allowed us to reach new markets outside of Poland. At present, Kross bikes are available in more than 50 countries worldwide, including Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and even such remote territories as Oman.

Today, Kross is the most recognisable Polish bicycle brand. If you ever happen to visit Przasnysz, look around and you may meet Zbigniew or the plant employees from the Kross Staff Team on one of the trips. You can also become a part of Kross team!