Fender set ADHD SDL

Color versions:

gray / black

Fender set ADHD SDL
Fender set ADHD SDL


A set of ultra lightweight fenders with a unique design, made with the new generation of suspension bikes in mind. The front fender is attached with a special fastening to the fork, which allows for its vertical adjustment against the tire. In this way the fender turns together with the wheel, its fin constantly remaining close to the tire to ensure optimal protection during cycling. The rear fender boasts a contemporary design and convenient adjustment. Made for extreme off road experience. It's so versatile that it can be attached to the seat post or lower, to the frame, with the use of a quick release clasp. A special construction and a double joint let you find the perfect fit to the frame and wheel. Wide fin ensures maximum protection when riding in any terrain.


Material Plastic composite
WHEEL SIZE 27,5"-29"
ATTACHMENT Front using fork adapter
Max. seatpost diameter UNI
Weight 370 G